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Looking to find a publishing service? Your search is over. Whether you have a manuscript, screenplay, short story or even academic papers, we’ve got someone to assist you. We list both individual publishers and publishing services to our listings. Some also offer a free samples, so you can easily gauge their editing skills.


Getting Started

To start off, you’ll simply need to head over to our listing and take a look at the publishing services we have available. Look through their portfolios to find a person or company that would best suit you. You will need an idea of exactly what services you need from them in order to properly specify your needs. Organizing the turnaround time and price should be negotiated now. Once negotiations are complete, simply email over your work and let the publishing service you’ve chosen get to work.



Once you’ve received your project back, it’s time to start or complete the payment – depending on the terms you’ve chosen. Payment can be made via any number of methods. Simply choose the one that best works for both of you. As we are not involved in the payment process, we do not charge any service fees. You pay only what was agreed on between you and the publishing service, not a cent more.


Find A Publishing Service

If you’re looking for multiple services related to releasing a book and require the services of a professional, experienced publishing company – we’ve got some of the best talent available on offer. Check out our listings for more information at: Find A Publishing Service

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