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Find An Editor OnlineHow do you find an editor online vs locally? Most people assume that finding an editor means calling up an expensive publishing company and putting a lot of cash on the table to get the ball rolling. Although this might be the case in many places, it’s not how it works online.

To find an editor online requires you to sit behind a keyboard for a couple hours looking through profiles of experienced editors. You can email them to ask for a sample text to be done or look through some of their portfolios. Once you’ve found a person or company that interests you, it’s just a matter of setting a price.

Online editors charge substantially less for their services than local businesses. This is because of the nature of freelancing. Not having to drive to work, spend hours in traffic and deal with coworkers, makes freelancers enjoy their profession more and they’re willing to charge lower prices in exchange for this freedom. Don’t expect to pay pennies but you surely shouldn’t be paying local prices.

Payments are all made online using a method agreed on by both of you. Nothing could be simpler. And if you use our services to find an editor, you won’t pay any service fees. Our editors pay a small fee to have their services listed on site, but we don’t ask for a cent more. Whatever price discussed between the two of you for the editing service it exactly what you will pay. There’s no middleman and no hidden charges.

If you’re interested in finding the most experienced editors online, head over to our main page at: Find An Editor Online

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