How to Find Work as a Proofreader


How to Find Work as a Proofreader: Proofreading work is always available, but it can be hard to locate if you don’t know where to look. There are many people online that work as proofreaders, and yet they do not have the skills required to take on a serious position. Many work as freelancers for companies that purchase large amounts of text written by non-native speakers. Their job is not so much to proofread, but rather to make the text make more sense. These types of positions do not pay very well but they are readily available.


Large Companies

You can find multiple large organisations online that regularly take on proofreaders for their business. Although they are large companies, they generally only take on a small number of new staff, as they would prefer to give more work to current trusted staff than to take on new staff. These companies normally do not pay very well. You can expect anything for $1.50 to $3.00 per 1000 words. If you’re able to complete a large number of words per day, then you can expect to make a full-time wage on this, but it is not recommended.


Smaller Companies

Smaller companies usually look for a small trusted group of proofreaders and keep them on for years to come. They pay considerable better – $4 – $8 per 1000 words. You will need a degree in order to apply for one of these positions. Most times, you will also require a considerable amount of experience before being accepted to one of these positions. There are many ways on how to find a proofreader job.


How to Find Work as a Proofreader

So, how do you find work as a proofreader that pays well. Your best bet is to become a freelance proofreader in order to be paid the full amount without any company taking a share of your profits. There are many clients that have consistent work that needs to be completed. You might think that you would complete one project and then have to wait weeks before finding another client. This is not the reality of this business. Most clients have a large number of documents that they need proofread and would prefer to have a one solid proofreader that they can contact directly than have to work through a company of agency and multiple proofreaders.

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