How to Find Proofreading Jobs 2019


How to Find Proofreading Jobs 2019: Finding work online isn’t always easy. There are lots of people besides yourself that are all searching as well. You will need to have a very good resume prepared beforehand. And sometimes you just need to be in the right place at the right time. We’ll got through some of the best ways to ensure that you are where you need to be.

There are 3 main ways that people find proofreading jobs in 2019:

  1. Job Marketplaces
  2. Job Directories
  3. Proofreading Websites

Lets start from the top:


Job Marketplaces

Sites like and are very popular when it comes to finding proofreading jobs online. They’ve both been around for years and have built a reputation for themselves of having lots of clients online at any given time. There are many jobs to choose from and many proofreading one’s popping up. The main downside to job marketplaces are the fees. A 20% fee on your earnings doesn’t seem like much, but if you’re making $12,000 a year, your annual fee would be $2400.


Job Directories

There are many job directories that work almost like the classified advertizing part of newspapers. You search through hundreds of jobs and looking for something that interests you. It’s similar to job marketplace where you have to spend time hunting for the right position, but it’s better, in most cases, in that you don’t pay any fees. It’s seems pretty old-school, but lots of people still find jobs this way. There are a countless number of these sites online as it can be difficult to navigate this maze. I suggest using the Proofreading Job Guide to find out which job directories are best for you.


Proofreading Websites

There are lots of proofreading websites that need proofreaders to work for them, such as They sometimes take on people that they worked with from job marketplaces, but in many cases, they hire from people that have contacted them directly through their website. This is a problematic because some of the best proofreaders don’t know which websites to go to when searching for a job. There’s a handy e-book that will definitely help you out in this regard. Once again, you can find it at Proofreading Job Directory.

The final method of job hunting is actually to not hunt at all. Instead of looking for clients, why not have clients come to you. FindProofreaders works hard to keep itself listed in a top position in Google and Bing for keywords related to proofreading jobs. In this way, when a client looks online for freelance proofreader, our website pops up. Therefore, any proofreader that has created a listing for their services on this site can reap the benefits of clients coming directly to them. There’s a small fee for a listing, but this is just to keep the website running and prevent spammers from joining up (as they do with all free sites). You can find out more about how the listings work at: How to Find Proofreading Jobs 2019


How to Find Proofreading Jobs 2019

And there you have it! These are the best ways to find proofreading jobs in 2019. It won’t take you too long to find out the best way for yourself. Regardless of which method you go with, it’s important that you write out a profile for yourself that portrays you in the best possible way. Use what you come up with first, but always go back and improve upon it as time goes by. Best of luck!



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