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Find Proofreaders is an online resume service for freelancers. We are open to proofreaders, editors, copywriters, translators and publishing services.

Our niche business directory allows your resume to be seen by clients from around the world – all without you lifting a finger.

Find Proofreaders maintains a very high position in Google results, so it’s easy for potential clients to spot and contact you. With an ever increasing number of websites online, it’s becoming more difficult for freelancers to stand out.

Our niche website fixes this problem by keeping your name in front of everyone else. Freelancing marketplaces charge, on average, 20% of your total earnings plus withdrawal charges. This means that if you find a client and do a job that pays $1000, you’ll spend over $200 in fees alone. With us you pay a once-off fee of $20 to $40, and whatever you make from your client/s is yours to keep.

standard listing

A standard listing on our website only costs $40 a year for proofreaders/editors and $20 a year for writers, translators and publishing services. 


It includes 5 photos, up to 10 tags, an area for your social media accounts and contact details, as well as a review section (for your clients).


We are open to everyone around the world. In return, you will be listed on our niche business website to be easily found by clients. 


The extra charge for proofreaders/editors is to ensure that our most popular category is only filled by serious candidates. It comes with an email service that will email your whenever a potential client requests a quote on the site. We’ll email the client’s request and information to you as soon as we receive it and you can decide on whether you want to apply for the job or not.

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Featured Ad in your Category

For just $15, you can have your profile listing featured on your chosen category for a full year. So, regardless of how many people list themselves on the site, you will always be listed above them in that category, and you profile will be highlighted to stand out.

Banner Ads

If you would like to post banner ads on our site – depending on your product and its usefulness to our clients/freelancers, we may have a space for you.

Our premium header space allows for a 234×60 banner that will be visible on every main page of the site. This is charged at a rate of $100 a month.

We’re also offering a sidebar banner placement of 260×160 for only $50 a month. This will also be visible on all main pages.

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fall in love with our features


Our spaces for social media sites and contact details means that clients can contact you directly. That means there's no middleman. You keep whatever you make!


Our marketing team works tirelessly to ensure that we remain in a top spot in Google. Having your listing directly in front of potential clients is the name of the game. And we're the best at it.


We offer multiple promotions throughout the year to our members. We also offer up to 30% off business listings of 5 years or more. And 20% off banner ads when booked for a full year.


Our beautifully designed website draws in clients from around the world. We allow up to 5 photos of yourself/business/portfolio, so potential clients will have a good idea of what you're all about.

Quote Email

Proofreaders and editors will receive an email every time a potential client asks our site for a quote on a job. You can then contact them directly with your offer.

Easy to use interface

We like to keep things simple. Our listing form is simple to fill out, and we'll make your listing look amazing!

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